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Your Guide to Bournemouth’s Best Fire Door Installation

Drywall Systems Construction Ltd

Here at Drywall Systems Construction Ltd., we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in all our projects. We have carved out a reputation as one of the leading drywall installers near you, specialising in the installation of internal fire doors across Bournemouth.

Fire doors are crucial in both residential and commercial properties for maintaining safety, and the role they play cannot be overstated. As a leading force in the industry, we use cutting-edge passive fire protection materials and fire drywall to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

Fire Door Installation

Selecting the Right Fire Door

Selecting the right fire door is more than a matter of aesthetics. It’s a question of safety. Fire doors are rated based on their ability to withstand fire for a specific length of time. Our seasoned experts work with clients to provide guidance, helping select doors that meet both aesthetic and safety requirements.

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Examine the Location

With a professional fire door installation, the risk of fire spreading can be dramatically reduced. We employ a methodical process, ensuring each door is installed to provide maximum protection.

First, we examine the location where the door is to be installed. It’s essential that the surrounding wall structure, generally made with fire drywall, can withstand the same level of heat and pressure as the fire door itself. With our extensive experience, we assure all these factors are harmoniously aligned.

Intumescent Seals

Next, we ensure the door frame, usually made from timber, is treated with fire-retardant materials. This is crucial in preventing the spread of fire.

After the frame, we turn to the door. We apply intumescent seals around the edges of the fire door. When exposed to heat, these seals expand, preventing smoke and flames from spreading through the gaps.

Hinges and Locks

Lastly, we install the door hardware, such as hinges, locks, and door closers, all of which are fire-rated to match the door’s fire resistance level.

Quality Materials

Here at Drywall Systems Construction Ltd., we use only the highest-quality passive fire protection materials. Our commitment to quality not only extends to the fire doors we install but also to the fire drywall we utilise.

Fire drywall, also known as fire-rated drywall, fire-resistant drywall, or Type X drywall, offers an additional layer of protection against the spread of fire. Its composition includes non-combustible fibres that help it to withstand fire for longer periods, increasing the safety of your property.

Your Local Experts

When you type in “drywall installers near me”, Drywall Systems Construction Ltd. should be your first choice. As a Bournemouth-based company, we offer local expertise and a deep understanding of British building regulations and standards.

Our teams are trained to perform at the top level, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our installations meet the strictest safety standards, ensuring your property’s resilience in the face of a fire.

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So, for the best in fire door installation and safety, look no further than Drywall Systems Construction Ltd. Our expertise, paired with a commitment to utilising the highest-quality fire drywall and passive fire protection materials, makes us a top choice in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

In summary, installing fire doors is more than just a task – it’s a matter of ensuring safety and resilience for all properties. Here at Drywall Systems Construction Ltd, we make your safety our priority, always.