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Fire Safety in Drywall Construction

Intumescent Strips – The Silent Heroes

When it comes to drywall systems construction, fire safety is a crucial consideration that should never be overlooked. The implementation of intumescent strips in drywall construction has revolutionised fire protection and provided an effective, passive fire safety measure. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role of intumescent strips as silent heroes in the world of drywall construction, focusing on their properties, benefits, and applications.

Passive Fire Protection

What are intumescent strips?

Intumescent strips are a passive fire protection solution made from a specialised material that expands when exposed to high temperatures. As the strip expands, it seals any gaps or voids in the drywall construction, effectively slowing down the spread of fire and smoke. These strips are often installed in fire doors, fire barriers, and other fire-resistant construction elements to improve their performance and overall fire safety.

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Enhanced fire protection

Intumescent strips play a critical role in enhancing the fire protection capabilities of drywall systems. They provide an additional layer of defense by sealing gaps and voids, which may otherwise allow fire and smoke to spread rapidly through the building. In doing so, they effectively extend the time available for occupants to evacuate safely and for firefighters to respond.

Cost-effective solution

Intumescent strips are an affordable and cost-effective way to improve the fire safety of drywall systems construction. They are easy to install and can be retrofitted into existing buildings without the need for major structural changes. This makes them an attractive option for builders and property owners looking to upgrade their fire protection systems without incurring significant costs.

Compliance with building regulations

Incorporating intumescent strips into drywall construction helps ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations related to fire safety. As more jurisdictions adopt stricter fire safety standards, the use of intumescent strips has become increasingly important in meeting these requirements and avoiding potential penalties.

Improved energy efficiency

In addition to their fire safety benefits, intumescent strips can also help improve a building’s energy efficiency. By sealing gaps and voids in the drywall construction, they reduce drafts and air infiltration, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced heating and cooling costs.

Fire doors

Intumescent strips are commonly installed in fire doors to ensure proper sealing in the event of a fire. They expand to fill gaps between the door and its frame, preventing the spread of fire and smoke and maintaining the integrity of the fire door.

Fire-resistant gypsum board

Some fire-resistant gypsum boards are designed with intumescent strips embedded within them. These boards provide an additional layer of fire protection by sealing the joints between panels and slowing down the spread of fire.

Fire barriers

Intumescent strips can be used to enhance the performance of fire barriers in drywall construction. They are often installed around openings for pipes, ducts, and electrical installations to maintain the integrity of the fire barrier and prevent the spread of fire and smoke through these penetrations.

Fire-resistant glazing systems

In fire-resistant glazing systems, intumescent strips can be used to seal gaps between the glass and the frame. This helps maintain the fire resistance of the system and prevents the spread of fire and smoke through the glazed area.

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