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Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

At Drywall Construction, we are dedicated to providing top-quality fire door installation services to clients in the Bournemouth area. With a focus on safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction, our team of experienced professionals will ensure your property is equipped with high-performance fire doors that offer maximum protection in the event of an emergency. Our comprehensive services cover everything from fire door selection to maintenance, ensuring that your fire doors continue to meet all relevant safety standards.

Why are effective fire doors so important?

  1. Compartmentalisation: Fire doors help contain fires within a specific area, preventing the spread of flames and smoke to other parts of the building. This compartmentalization can significantly reduce the severity of a fire and the amount of damage it causes.
  2. Safe evacuation: Effective fire doors provide occupants with additional time to evacuate the building safely by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They help maintain clear escape routes and minimize the risk of injury or death during a fire emergency.
  3. Compliance with regulations: Fire doors are a legal requirement in many buildings, including commercial and residential properties. Properly installed and maintained fire doors ensure that the building complies with fire safety regulations, helping to avoid potential fines or legal issues.

That’s why it’s essential to regularly maintain them and make sure they meet all safety standards.


Intumescent materials play a vital role in fire door installation, providing an essential safeguard against the rapid spread of fire and smoke in buildings. These unique substances are designed to expand rapidly when exposed to high temperatures, sealing gaps and preventing the passage of flames and smoke through door assemblies. When integrated into fire door installations, intumescent strips, seals, and coatings help maintain the integrity of the door by swelling and filling voids in the doorframe and surrounding areas. As a result, this active fire protection measure prolongs the door’s resistance to fire, allowing occupants additional time to evacuate and emergency services more time to respond. With the proper use of intumescent materials, fire doors become a crucial component in the overall fire safety strategy of a building.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection of your fire doors are crucial to ensuring their ongoing effectiveness. At Drywall Construction, we provide comprehensive maintenance and inspection services, including:

  • Annual fire door inspections
  • We’ll check the doors, frames, hinges, and all other components to ensure they are functioning correctly and meet safety regulations.
  • Repair and replacement: In case of any issues, our team will carry out necessary repairs or replace the damaged components promptly to maintain the integrity of your fire door

The following guidelines should be taken into consideration when maintaining fire doors:

  • There should be no holes or broken elements in connection with the door and or its frame
  • All Glazing, vision light frames, and glazing beads are secure and intact if equipped.
  • The door, frame, hinges, hardware, and non-combustible threshold are all securely fastened, aligned, and operating properly with no obvious damage.
  • There are no missing or broken parts.
  • The self-closing device is in working order, i.e., when the active door is operated from the fullest open position, it completely closes.
  • If a coordinator is used, the inactive leaf will close before the active one.
  • Latching hardware prevents the door from opening when it is in the closed position.
  • No hardware that would interfere with the door or frame’s operation is installed.
  • Inspect gasketing and edge seals to ensure they are effective and reliable.
We follow all guidelines and also accredit all of our work carried out.